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This winter we would like to welcome you back to the third edition of the Norwegian Horse Festival! From 1 to 4 December, the public can once again find their way to Lillestrøm for equestrian sport at a high level in several disciplines, Norway's largest equipment fair and a fabulous Christmas show!

In NOVA Spektrum, formerly Norges Varemesse, we host, among other things, an indoor WorldRank event for Icelandic horses with up to 170 equids. In addition, we can promise an exciting and varied programme. And if you're wondering where to shop for Christmas presents this year, you don't have to wonder anymore. With a facility of 36,000 square meters, we invite you to great Christmas shopping where both young and old can find what they want. This year's show will also give the little ones a fantastic Christmas experience, so the whole family can look forward to enjoy it!


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