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Are you dreaming of riding on an international arena? When Norwegian Horse Festival starts, you have the opportunity, whether you are a show jumper or dressage rider - or you ride an Icelandic horse.

The Norwegian Horse Festival has classes for all levels and ages. Here are international three-star jumping and dressage classes, pony classes, junior and senior classes, there is the final of the FERD Comeback Cup for rusty or new amateur riders aged 40+. In 2022, the Icelandic horse will compete on its own terms on an international indoor oval track, for the first time indoor WR in Norway. The horse festival in Lillestrøm has it all.

Here are the competitions:


Gold & Diamond LEAGUE These tours are open to everyone who is qualified to the current height according to NRYF's regulations for the classes they will be riding. These are also international classes where the FEI's rules apply. The horses must be 6 years or older, they must be owned by the rider or immediate family. Riders who ride here must not make a living from riding, must not have riding as a livelihood. Rider must be 12 years or older. Link to propositions to come.

GOLD League: 1.10m/1.10m/1.10m DIAMOND League: 1.20m/1.20m/1.20m

Anyone who wants to ride registers at Price NOK 11,900

Meeting includes entry fee, stalling and entry for rider, groom and two horse owners (must be mentioned in the pass) per horse. This applies on a first-come, first-served basis, so don't wait to sign up! There is VAT on stalling of NOK 372 in addition, as well as Manure deposit fee of NOK 390 and FEI doping fee of approx. NOK 250.

Junior jumping

Here, a selection is made by the Norwegian Riders' Association for the Small Tour (1.30 classes) and medium Tour (1.40m classes) in CSI3*. Interest must be reported to NRYF at

Ponni Cup

Here, the PROMOTION CUP applies. The best clubs in the Promotion Cup receive invitations and distribute these invitations to the club's riders based on withdrawals. This goes in LA pony.


These are the major international jumping classes. Here, the Norwegian Riders' Association has a quota of a certain number of riders. There will be a quota for seniors and a quota for young riders in addition to juniors as mentioned above. Interest should be reported to

As an organizer, we also have some wild cards, private invitations that we issue to our partners.

Small Tour: 1.30m/1.30m/1.30m Medium Tour: 1.40m/1.40m/1.40m Big Tour: 1.45m/1.45m(Derby)/1.50mGP



Big Tour

These are international dressage classes. For the first time in Norway - a 4* international dressage event.

The Norwegian Equestrian Association selects two riders, on a sporting basis. Interest should be reported to NRYF.

AGRIA CDI Junior Invitational

These are international dressage classes for juniors. It is the Norwegian Riders' Association that selects the riders on a sporting basis, two best Norwegian juniors against several international top junior riders. Interest should be reported to NRYF.

FERD Comeback Cup

The withdrawal takes place in each circuit. Statutes can be found here.


WorldRank - Icelandic Horses

The Norwegian Icelandic Horse Festival 2022:

Partisipants are invited by the organizing committee, Norwegian Icelandic Horse Fetheration, NIHF.

Contact NIHF for more information,


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