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After a year of pandemic break, the success is back with a five-day horse party at the Norwegian Trade Fair in Lillestrøm:


The Christmas Horse Party  

From 1 - 4 December, the first weekend in Advent, Lillestrøm will once again be a gathering place for international riders in several disciplines when the third edition of the Norwegian Horse Festival finally opens its doors. With the 36,000 m2 indoor facility, we bring the entire equestrian sport into the heart of Lillestrøm. 

In this unique setting you will experience top international equestrian sports, but also amateurs, combined with huge trade fair, Christmas fair, show and entertainment!

For the third time, an event of such a dimension is arranged in Norway. 



Our goal is to bring the best of equestrian sport in unique settings with an exclusive atmosphere to the delight of sponsors, athletes, exhibitors and the public. 

We have for a long time wanted to add the horse festival to the Christmas month of December. In 2022, this will be possible, and we are looking forward to it!


Norwegian Horse Festival will achieve a combination of:  

• Top equestrian sports in a unique setting
Tailored opportunities for you and your guests 
• High level networking
• Increased value for our partners
• Create one of Europe's most attractive event 

We want to create and add extra value from a business, sporting and social point of view. 


We offer many unique ways to promote our partners:

• Class sponsorships
• Arena advertising
• Obstacles on the course
• Ads in programs
• TV posters
• Big screen advertising in arenas
• Large screen advertising in the exhibition area
• ON SITE Advertising on windows floors etc
• Editorial coverage in social media, program magazines etc

• Distribution of giveaways, magazines and advertising

Contact sponsor responsible Eirik Berentsen,, +47 472 40 481

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