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During this years Norwegian Horse Festival you can experience a spectacular Christmas Show. You can amongst others experience the world famous artists Frederic Pignong and Magali Delgado.

When the Christmas spirit is to be captured during the Norwegian Horse Festival, the first weekend in December, nothing is spared. There will be magic and entertainment during the Christmas show held on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. There will be quadrille, live music, entertainment, as well as magical moments where the horse is in focus.

One of the year's great highlights will be the magic between horse and man, when the world-famous artists Frederic Pignon and Magali Delgado enter the arena in NOVA Spektrum in Lillestrøm. The couple are known for their fantastic shows that show both dressage and horsemanship in the most beautiful forms.

Bring the whole family to enjoy lovely moments with horses. The show is a perfect break from Christmas gift shopping in the fairgrounds, or to enjoy a little extra Christmas atmosphere between the competitions in the arena.

You can see the Christmas show on Friday, Saturday and Sunday at Arena 1.


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